List of Polish armies in World War II

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The following is a list of Polish Armies during World War II, together with their commanders and brigade and division-sized units. For a more detailed list see: Polish army order of battle in 1939.

Formed before the war Blue
Formed during the war in Poland Green
Formed in exile at later stages of the war Red
Placement of divisions on September 1, 1939
  Karpaty Army (Armia Karpaty)
Kazimierz Fabrycy
2nd and 3rd Mountain Bdes, 11th Inf.Div, 24th Inf.Div, 38th Inf.Div
  Kraków Army (Armia Kraków)
Antoni Szylling
6th, 7th, 21st Mountain, 22nd Mountain, 23rd, 55th Infantry Divisions, 10th Mot., Kraków Cav.Bde., 1st Mountain
  Łódź Army (Armia Łódź)
Juliusz Rómmel, Wiktor Thommée
2nd Legions, 10th, 28th, 30th Infantry Divisions, Wołyńska and Kresowa Cavalry Brigades
  Modlin Army (Armia Modlin)
Emil Krukowicz-Przedrzymirski
8th and 20th Infantry Divisions, Mazowiecka and Nowogródzka Cavalry Brigades, Warsaw BON
  Pomorze Army (Armia Pomorze)
Władysław Bortnowski
4th, 9th, 15th, 16th and 27th Infantry Divisions, Pomorska Cavalry Brigade, Pomorze and Chełm National Defence Bdes, Wisła Independent Unit
  Poznań Army (Armia Poznań)
Tadeusz Kutrzeba
14th, 17th, 25th and 26th Inf.Div., Podolska and Wielkopolska Cav.Bdes, Poznań and Kalisz National Defence Bdes
  Prusy Army (Armia Prusy)
Stefan Dąb-Biernacki
3rd Legions, 12th, 13th, 19th, 29th and 36th Inf.Div, Wileńska Cavalry Brigade
  Lublin Army (Armia Lublin)
Tadeusz Piskor
39th Inf.Div., Motorised Bde, Sandomierz Group, Komorowski's Cavalry Group
  Małopolska Army (Armia Małopolska)
Kazimierz Fabrycy
See:Karpaty Army above
  Warszawa Army (Armia Warszawa)
Juliusz Rómmel, Walerian Czuma, Wiktor Thommée
  Polish Army in France (Wojsko Polskie we Francji)
Władysław Sikorski
1st Grenadier, 2nd Rifle, 10th Armoured Brigade Bde
  Polish I Corps in the West (I Korpus Polski)
Stanisław Maczek
1st Armoured Division, 1st Para Brigade
  II Corps (II Korpus Polski)
Władysław Anders
3rd and 5th Infantry Divisions, 2nd Armoured Division
  First Army (1 Armia Wojska Polskiego)
Zygmunt Berling
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Infantry Divisions, Armoured Bde, Cavalry Bde
  Second Army (2 Armia Wojska Polskiego)
Karol Świerczewski
5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Inf. Divs, 16th Armoured Bde

During the Invasion of Poland several divisions were grouped into two units smaller than armies: the Wyszków Operational Group and the Narew Independent Operational Group.

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